Much more than a debugger

Designed to take your Clojure interactive programming to the next level.

IDE independent
Clojure & ClojureScript
Free & Open Source
Designed for interactive programming
Multi strategy
More than a debugger

Have all the debugging power no matter what editor/IDE you choose.

Whenever it can, FlowStorm tries hard to provide the same features for Clojure and ClojureScript.

FlowStorm is and will always be free as in speech. So no money involved and use it however you like.

Clojure as most Lisps are designed from the ground to support interactive programming, so it is FlowStorm.

Every situation requires a different strategy. From stepping, trough printing, to scope capturing and repl poking, FlowStorm tries to support all debugging strategies.

Most of the provided tools are great for chasing bugs, but FlowStorm is designed not only as a debugger but as a development sidecar to enhance your interactive programming experience.

Step freely through your code

Hit record and debug anything. No need to add breakpoints or modify your code.

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Follow the values

Ever wonder how a value got there?
Use the power stepping tools to track any value as it moves through your program.

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Jump around

FlowStorm is designed to be part of your workflow, so jumping around should be fast. Type your function name, then instantly navigate to step over it.

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Programmable debugging

Analyze your recordings with the full power of Clojure.

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Explore your call tree

Get a high level understanding of your execution by expanding and exploring the call tree. Need to go deeper? Just click and jump to that point in time.

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Understand your functions

Get a high level view of your functions and how they are being called. Easily explore their arguments and return values. Need to go deeper? Just click and step through its code.

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Inspect your values

Clojure is data oriented. FlowStorm provides a powerful data inspection tool. Navigate freely into your data just by clicking around.

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Take any value back to your REPL

FlowStorm is designed for interactive programming. Any value you see in the UI can be made available to your REPL with a single click.

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Multi-threading debugging with the timeline

Render your entire executions timeline. Quickly understand how your threads instructions interleave.

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Next level println debugging

For those cases where println is still the right choice, add, manage and visualize print instructions without re running your code.

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Understand your systems exceptions

Explore and jump to any exceptions throwed during the execution of your programs with a single click.

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Search any value

Search values by predicates or strings, and jump to their usages with a single click.

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Editor Support

FlowStorm is and will always be editor/IDE independent, but it can also be integrated into your editor of choice.

Here are the currently supported integrations: